Week 1: What is a 2D platformer?

Ah, the first Game Design class. It was nerve racking to walk into a new place and meet new people but I did manage to get out of it relieved. I mean, we did start the course with a game of battleships.

First day, First Game :Battleships

Straight away, the introduction to this course brought forth ideas that we don’t really think about during game play. It’s this process which we neglect often as consumers but has a very significant purpose in game design. I changed the game of battleships by having my partner and me taking turns to roll the dice. Whoever had the larger number from the roll would take a turn to try hit the opponent’s ships. The continuity of this often made one person have more chances to hit the opponent’s ships because they kept getting the larger numbers. It was interesting to see how a simple change can affect the game’s simple rules.

Game Review:

The first 2d platforming game I’ll be reviewing is a favourite of mine, Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Genesis in 1991 (Mega Drive).  This game brings back a lot of childhood nostalgia because of how challenging and immersive it was back then and even now.  From my experiences, it is user friendly and not confusing.

How challenging was it to discover the value of the game? I believe that the value was Community and Citizenship because Sonic is on a one man quest to rescue his friends from an opposing force that is breaking the harmony in their world. It was a simple idea for the Hero to rise up against the Villain but effectively works in game play to make sonic have a purpose.

Graphics: 8/10

For graphics made in 1991, this is defiantly impressive. The use of perception in the graphics came out very effective because it gave a sense of depth in backgrounds. The parallax scrolling was the key to making flat surfaces such as hills and platforms come alive. The platforms closer to the screen moved faster while the backgrounds moved slower, making it immersive and reactive.

Sound: 8/10

The music that runs throughout the game is upbeat and loops. This makes it very memorable and fitting for a fast paced adventure. The sound effects are great and emphasis specific parts of the game, whether collecting or spinning right through the zones

Story: 7/10

Sonic is rescuing his animal friends from the villain and protecting the island by collecting the 6 Chaos Emeralds. This makes us feel more for Sonic as a character because the story brings up adventure and the sense of morality to defeat the bad guy.

Controls: 8/10

There are smooth controls making Sonic responsive to his surroundings and very enjoyable.

Replay Value:9/10

It is user friendly and fun because you want to go on this challenging adventure and immerse yourself into the world of Sonic the Hedgehog. I defiantly recommend this game and believe it has replay value.



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