Week 5: Game Treatment

Game Treatment:

  1. Game Pitch (Give your game a title) :“Meepoo’s Adventure (The Game)”

  2. Game Story Abstract – Consider the characters, location, objective, challenges, protagonist, antagonistic force. What is motivating the player? Is there a genre? : The main character is Meepoo, who goes on the adventure to find her vase pieces. Baguette will be introduced in the beggining as Meepoo’s friend but will be non playable. The enemies are the Chumps and they keep Meepoo from getting to her vase pieces. The other characters would be the enemies , Chumps and Mullettes. They keep Meepoo from getting to her vase pieces. The chumps will have the mechanic of releasing flowers when defeated but will be randomized with either positive flowers (restores health/life) or negative flowers (decreases health/life). This means that just because you defeat an opposing force, the result isn’t always ideal to what you want. The more the player fights these opposing forces, the more it builds up the story’s values. When the player becomes obsessed with getting to the vase pieces, it will show through game play with how they interact with the enemies, which they could have left alone. The motivation for the player is to get to those vase pieces in time before they deform so that Meepoo can complete her exhibition piece. This will also be a “Graphic Adventure”.

  3. Appearance. Consider the location, environment, texture, colour, lighting, architecture, time period, historical influences, props: The setting will be in ‘FimbleTown’, a made up place where Meepoo’s vase pieces will be scattered around. The town will be set in a meadow like area with bright pastel colours and have occasional stone hedges or walls. It is mainly based on a nature setting so fresh grass and bright blue sky will fill the screen. The game should convey lightheartedness and create a pleasant experience, while having the underlying values more difficult to come to terms with. Lighting will be dependent on the design of the sky but a sun will not be seen and just have bright puffy clouds.  Architecture will be limited and have stone based designs. They will have soft edges to blend into the background better and have mainly solid colours. There is no specific time period set as it is a mystical adventure however the game does lean towards modern time due to the design of the characters. The elements of cartoon graphics will be applied as well such as having inanimate objects having faces. The game also references to more of a flash game appearance but has elements that are created with pixel art, such as the platforms.

  4. Player Roles and Actions. Player objective, what do they want to achieve and through what actions are they going to attain this: The player is trying to achieve the ultimate prize, where the vase is completed in on time for the exhibition in it’s original state. The glory of a completed art piece and helping Meepoo will lead the player into understanding the true values of the game.They will have to between wants and needs, friendship over materialism which questions what the player values. To also get through the level, the player has to defeat the enemies that stand in her way and explore to try find the vase’s location.

  5. Strategies and Motivations. Consider player actions and ability and the consequences of these in relation to enemy, conflict, levels and rules of game:  For the enemy, the chumps will have the mechanic of releasing flowers when defeated but will be randomized with either positive flowers (adds point to flower counter to gain new lives) or negative flowers (removes a point to flower counter). It is not a definite positive outcome when you get rid of something in your way and that goes into the values of letting go and moving on from that obsession.  The player has to decide between going back to Baguette, who comforts Meepoo at the start or move on to the next level to collect the vase pieces before they deform. This brings in the value of choosing between what you want and what you need. It puts the materialistic side of obsessively collecting something for your inventory up against an experience (Baguettes special level). This also goes into the value of loyalty, to go back for your friend or go pursue what you want. If Meepoo chooses to go back for Baguette, then she will find a missing piece of the vase. She wouldn’t be able to find this piece without going back through level 1 to his level (which won’t be made). She will also have his help at the end of the game, recieve a helpful weapon from him and keep his companionship. This won’t be told to the player, which makes them decide on the values of friendship and morality. It also questions materialism (collectible inventory which are the vase pieces) over friendship/relationships. Going back to Baguette however, increases the deformity of the vase pieces in the future levels because she is taking time out to help him. If Meepoo chooses to go to the next level (level 2) then she leaves Baguette behind and loses him as a companion. The player will know that the vase pieces deform but not know about how this impacts Baguettes role in her adventure. Baguette will not be there to help her because he won’t return and Meepoo misses out on a valuable weapon to defeat future enemies (Baguette’s gift of a watermelon). She will move onto level 2 and her vases pieces won’t be as deformed (dependent on time) but she also misses out on a piece in Baguette’s level.

  6. Level Summary Explain how many levels are in the game and describe each location visually. Use reference material and images to depict each level. Each level ends with? We are making one level for this assignment but the full game would include different levels (perhaps 3 more) to collect more vase pieces and even the special level mentioned for Baguette.In level 1, FimbleTown will be set in a meadow like area with bright pastel colours and have occasional stone hedges or walls. It is mainly based on a nature setting so fresh grass and a bright blue sky will fill the screen. Architecture will be limited and have stone based designs. They will have soft edges to blend into the background better and have mainly solid colours.

    The player would go through the level knowing that the longer they take, the more broken down the vase pieces get. This will increase the player’s rush to collect the pieces and ultimately blindsides them to focus on their goal instead of experiencing the adventure fully. This goes back on the value of letting go and questions what we value as a person. The level will be referenced from Sonic the Hedgehog, Kirby dream land 3 and Mario respectively but have my own style and designs. Each level would end with a climax, in level 1 it ends with two arrows for the player vividly see. You either go back through level 1 for Baguette to his special level or move onto level 2 for the vase pieces.

  7. Story Progression Explain the sequencing of events. When does the player gain information Who and what is driving the plot? The player gains information at the start of the game. Meepoo will be notified that her vase piece has been shattered into pieces and is scattered over FimbleTown. She will be told that she needs to get it back on time and pieces will deform more overtime. She will then talk to her friend, Baguette who tells her to stay safe but he does not come along on the adventure. Meepoo then goes off and explores the place and will run into the enemies that stand in her way. They will target Meepoo and cause her to decrease health through battling. Meepoo will be able to collect flowers for health and increase of lives. Once the enemy is defeated she can continue to look for her vase piece in the level. At the end of the level, she reaches an area where arrows are set up. Meepoo has the options shown to her visually, so she can go back to Baguette (by going through back through level 1) or move onto the next level (level 2). This is where the level 1 ends and stops.  Meepoo will be driving the plot because she will take actions into her own hands and go collect those vase pieces. She will propel the story forward with her actions/ the player’s actions and decisions.

  8. Hardware & Software Specification:  Hardware: PC, hard drive and for Software: Gimp, Game Maker.

We had a class activity where we had to make a Tangram puzzle using just cut up pieces of paper to create animal shapes.

Tangram Puzzle

“Race to the end Board Game” :The game we made in groups for 30mins was called “King Corn”. It was an interesting concept to use a newspaper article to inspire a board game. Our article was about Prince Harry and his sister, talking about sibling bond. In the cartoon, they were holding corn therefore King Corn was born.

Race to the end board game- King Corn

Game Review:

This week’s game review is on Undertale, a delightfully adorable 2D platform game. The simple graphics and compelling story leads the audience into the story narrative. The colours are limited to the hues of purples, warm toned oranges and yellows thus creating a complementary visual design.

How challenging was it to discover the value of the game? The value was developed through the story and requires the player to go through and pay attention to details in order to understand it. If a part was skipped, then it would affect how the story presents the values, so this is really dependent on the player and their patience to get through the heavily text based aspect in storytelling.

Graphics: 7/10

The style was pixel art based, which made it look very nostalgic. While the limitations of pixel art are noticeable, the graphics for the characters do convey motion or movement when needed. The backgrounds also follow this and uses colour to effectively create shading, sense of space and emphasis on certain areas. This does limit the variation for the characters expressions however, which could make you less likely to empathize with them and connect.

Sound: 7/10

The music fits with the visuals to create that nostalgic effect. While it does loop, it creates an upbeat and delightful atmosphere for the adventure to commence. The sound effects often prompt the player to respond or put emphasis on something, which becomes really helpful.

Story: 7/10

The story aspect was very detailed and specific. There was a lot of story that had to be told and at times, could get confusing. How the story was presented may have not been as appealing because of the lengthy paragraphs that do that a bit to fully comprehend. As we are introduced to new settings and characters all at once, it becomes a bit complicated however the story itself is very interesting and worth a read.

Controls: 7/10

The controls were decent with the buttons responding and selections available. It did take me some trial and error to figure out what to use to control my character/select things though.

Replay Value:8/10

It is user friendly and delightful. It has appeal because of the nostalgic design and the story makes it a worthy adventure to go on.  It has replay value through this and it does make you immerse yourself into their world.



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