Week 8: Designing Game Mechanics

Paper Prototype: Testing the Mechanic of my game’s point system and defeating an enemy.


Meepoo will have to defeat these enemies called “Chumps” and she will destroy them by jumping on them. A puff of smoke will show up to indicate the enemy’s death and release a flower (object) at random that could either be a positive flower(makes her more healthy) or a negative flower (makes her less healthy).

A change I’ve decided to make was to have the flower (either positive or negative) hold in position on the platform for a while because it allows the player to choose whether to pick it up or not. This change was influenced by the testing of my mechanics and it ended up seeming too forced to have the flower collected once the Chump was destroyed. It keeps the idea of having unexpected outcomes from the players choices (to battle against the enemies) and wouldn’t agitate the player if the randomization created multiple negative flowers that Meepoo would have no choice but to collect.  So this change was necessarily and really brought out when testing my mechanics.

Also, when the maximum amount of flower points are collected (10 flowers), the game will give 1 new life to Meepoo and reset the flower counter to start all over again. There may be a colour change or little animations of stars to emphasize this.

The top left corner has Meepoo’s face as her health bar and every time she gets hit or hurt, it will change colour (from healthy:green to moderate :yellow to unhealthy:red and vice versa) and change her expression (healthy: beaming happiness, moderate: neutral, unhealthy: sad). The life counter, ‘x _number_’ (as seen in the .gif  ‘x3’) will indicate how many lives she has and once she runs out (‘x0’), it will be game over. When Meepoo has collected 10 flowers, her life bar automatically increases (+1 life) and a change of colour or a  few star animations may be used to emphasized this.

The Chumps will spawn out of the sky and slide across the platforms to try come towards Meepoo. When Meepoo stays still (idle), I will implement a code perhaps that makes the Chumps target her more to make it challenging. They will continuously slide across a platform and fall off when there is nothing underneath them. If not defeated or provoked, they will just continue their job and slide across but this just means Meepoo misses out on some flowers opportunities. The more Chumps destroyed, the more possible lives Meepoo can gain.

Using the ‘Clash Royale Pitch v1.1 [1]’ as reference, here are my two visual slides for my game treatment:

Game Treatment.png

Game Treatmentpg2v2SPELLING CHECKED

Game Review: The Old Tree

How challenging was it to discover the value of the game? This was such an interesting find because this game is only one level and is so well paced. The value of the game revolves around a little alien that goes from destination1 to destination2 and in that journey you get to see the destruction that has left the world uncomfortably eerie and destroyed.  It has great pacing to get finish the level but you really do need to go through it entirely before discovering a value.

Graphics: 8/10

The graphics were an interesting choice but blended well to create this sinister, almost ghostly setting. The alien also made it more bizarre and we followed it to it’s destination. The graphics were definitely an aspect I really liked because it looked so different and moody. Muted tones and strong uses for light really made it mysterious and exciting for exploration.

Sound: 8/10

The sound reinforced the uncomfortable visuals as only sound effects would be heard. The emptiness that is created through a quiet setting captivates the player’s attention heavily because you do not know what to expect or what may sudden happen.

Story: 8/10

This was a short game that took me around 15 minutes to complete but the entire 15 minutes were crucial to discover the underlying values such as creativity and expression. The eerie storytelling revolves around the character’s exploration to see the setting rather than tell the player through text.

Controls: 8/10

When clicking around, it reminds the player of PC games such as “Poptropica”  respectively because you explore with the mouse guiding the character.  Also it makes the player curious to travel through the surroundings and explore different choices. Using a mouse clicker makes the controls simple but it does mean that the speed is set at a certain pace. So you do wait for the alien to make it’s way across rather than controlling it with a mechanic of running or jumping which takes some time.

Replay Value:9/10

I defiantly recommend this game and believe it has replay value because while it is a small game with only one level, it satisfies the audience when the adventure is completed. It did not need more levels to make this story grow because the process of exploring already has you hooked for a solid 15 minutes.





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