Week 9: Designing Objects

This week, I will be focusing on the objects and the mechanics for them to work.

Watermelon weapon concepts: For Meepoo’s Attack and is given to her by Baguette.

I have a couple of objects in my game that heavily rely on each other for the game play. An example would be Meepoo’s watermelon weapon that she can use for attacking enemies. The design had to stay consistent with the style and colour palette so I did tests against the platforms and sky background to check this. The watermelon was originally faceless but i decide to make it more cartoony so it felt more like a companion. Since it will be given to Meepoo by Baguette, it could also reference back to him  for that emotional connection. The watermelon will only be given to her if she goes back to help Baguette at the end of level 1. The watermelon is an that you don’t intend to gain but will help in future levels to defeat enemies.

I had to trial a few faces for the watermelon before making the final decision. The face had to be able to hold up a certain cheerful emotion that referenced to Baguette and Meepoo’s friendship and also not overpower the weapon too much.  This object however will not be seen in level 1 and only in Baguettes level (if player chooses to go back for him) and the future levels that wont be made. I wanted to make the design and use it in the start screen to hint that there is another object you can collect, besides the vase.


For the flowers, I had to decide on the designs and colours that my concepts didn’t touch too much upon.
I also used opposing colours to emphasize which flowers will be positive (healthy) and which ones will be negative (unhealthy).
Concepts on how the flowers interact with the chumps
Here are a few examples of my objects I have created so far:
UPDATE: The flowers that the chumps admit, (as seen below) will have a slightly different mechanic from what I mentioned in the previous blog. I decide that the positive and negative flower will only affect the Freckled Flower counter for lives and not the health bar. This is because it started becoming too confusing when trying explain this mechanic.  So I am keeping them solely for the Freckled flower counter which gives one new life to Meepoo when 10 positive flowers are collected.
health bar snip
Creating the Health meter/life counter with many layers. (The face will having changing emotions for Meepoo’s health status and the numbers are for how many lives she has left.)

Game Review: Super Mario World/ Yoshi’s Island

How challenging was it to discover the value of the game? Once you play through the levels, you start noticing the importance of each character’s roles which enforces the values of friendship and cooperation. Certain areas need team work from both Yoshi and Mario therefore the value is quite easy to notice.

Graphics: 8/10

This is a very pixel art based game but the solid colours and design make it still very appealing to look at. The use of illusions to create visuals were impressive and creative. Something like the water looking semi transparent when moving makes you take another look because there is no transparency on the layer but it is the pixel design and spread of it that makes it look transparent.

Sound: 7/10

The sounds were fun and really reminiscent of other Mario and Yoshi games. It was upbeat and lively to pull through with the adventure and the sound effects only make it cuter.

Story: 7/10

The story is another damsel in distress situation where Princess Toadstool is missing so Mario, Yoshi, and Luigi have to cooperate to find her. While the story is basic and common, the focus on having multiple heroes and for them to cooperate makes this really appealing.

Controls: 7/10

Simple controls that are responsive but nothing too hard  or new. It also definitely has influence from the original Mario 2D platform games.

Replay Value:8/10

I find that this game does have reply value, especially since it is also multiplayer to include friends/family for this experience. The reply value comes in on the adventure because you have to constantly cooperate and switch between characters for their strengths.



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