Week 12: Sound Design and Finalizing my work

The last task is to add sound to my game. I have to create a little theme that fits my story and style. I’m going for a lighthearted theme, maybe even a bit inspired by 8bit game tunes. The music has to loop throughout the game and probably be used in the trailer, so it is important that it fits and has a pleasant charm. I’m planning to have instruments that have a certain ring to them, to bring out a soft and happy feeling. Perhaps bells or chimes will be used but this will be mainly just me experimenting to compose something. There may be a few sound effects but this will be dependent on time and how much I want emphasize certain segments.

UPDATES: The sound will be heard in my game so if you have a listen, it could be worth while. I used the program, MidiEditor to create my pieces. The start screen theme will have piano, bass, bells and snare drums. The Main theme will have strings, music box and xylophones running through the piece.

Finalizing my Work

This will be my last post to update my workflow and ideas. The final post will have the link to the game trailer and the game linked.

My final week will consist of more bug fixes and a lot more play testing. Going through the game with another person really showcases how straight forward your game is and whether playing the game is worth playing. I found through my play testers that a few parts for the mechanics were confusing, therefore I took their feedback and made some changes. Some examples of this would be moving the floating platforms so that the course would flow better. So I am still working on the code to improve it constantly and playing through it to see if the new music works with it.

I have also created a 1 minute trailer for my game that will be posted on youtube and linked in the Week 13 blog. The trailer mainly shows the cut scene to not give away too much of the game play and keep it mysterious in terms of game play. The music used will be the two pieces I composed for my game.

Game Review: The Lion King (SNES)

How challenging was it to discover the value of the game? The value of this game is represented well because the story is based off the classic film pretty well. Some elements are less focused on as it is Simba’s journey such as the side characters and Mufasa’s death but it still follows through with the dark themes, especially around the end of the game. The values of trust and family really come into play here.

Graphics: 8/10

The graphics are colourful and set moods for each level making it visually stunning. Rich colours are put against muted ones to represent themes and a turn for darker events (such as the setting and colours for the final battle).  The characters themselves (including other animals) are not as expressive in terms of the face, as I thought they’d be but the motions are still well paced.

Sound: 8/10

The classics songs can be heard converted to a midi format which is still extremely catchy and upbeat. It is enjoyable and the songs change with areas and level too which is reminiscent to the film.

Story: 9/10

The story is based on the film itself, so you will have Simba exploring areas in Pride Rock and also battling against the villain. The game goes through each level one by one with different songs representing the mood. The game does however gloss over more heartbreaking parts with Mufasa’s death as it wants to keep the game still playable for younger audiences. While that focus is put more on Simba’s exploration, it does have a level dedicated to Simba leaving because he thinks he caused his father’s death (“Simba’s Exile”) and the ending with battling the villain( Scar) is still quite dark and true to the film.

Controls: 8/10

The controls are quite responsive and smooth which really help in the setting because Simba is constantly on the move, either exploring or running away.

Replay Value:9/10

I defiantly recommend this game and believe it has replay value because it is based on a classic film and is still very true to the story. The music in this makes you want to sing along and reminds the player how beautiful the soundtrack is, even without lyrics. If you enjoyed the film, have nostalgia for it and enjoy a fast paced exploration of the lion King story, then this game is for you.






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