Week 13: Final Game and Trailer

Final Game Trailer Link: https://youtu.be/dz1hrT6t7K0

Final Game:  https://shifujontron.itch.io/meepoos-adventures/download/OgSm_JrPrBLwjDHvBQHZC9oVIdSeFPPv8w3XUaXl


Instructions for playing the game:

At the Start Screen, left-click the “Start” button. During the introduction cutscene, press the space bar to advance dialogue. Within the level, the heads-up-display (HUD) consists of a life/health meter on the left, a flower counter in the middle and a vase piece counter on the right. Use the left and right arrow keys to make Meepoo walk in the respective directions. To run, hold down either “Shift” key while walking to make her run. To jump, press the space bar.


Reference code by Shaun Spalding






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