Hamlet the Video Game: Character Concept Art and Brainstorms

For the Character concepts, I managed to come up with the designs below:

lady b character collage

I went with four designs because I wanted to explore different elements of this character. Different things are taken into consideration for each design.

For example, the first drawing focuses on having an up do that is short but not full bun. This is to show off her more intricate collar design for her cape and dress. I also took inspiration from more medieval hairstyles that included braiding and tied up hair. The cape is reminiscent of superheroes such as Batman and Superman respectively. I found that those super hero designs would have tight fitted clothing with a flowing cape and it made movements have really expressive lines of action. There is also something so cool about having a long over the shoulder cape whether for a villain or hero and I really wanted to capture that in Lady Macbeth’s design.

In the second design, I wanted to give her looser bell sleeves which were popular for Celtic dress designs. It added such a regal appearance that I really liked for a menacing character. I think her sleeves in motion would be really cool but could run into problems for the modelling, so that is something I have to consider. The wrap she has or hoodie (as my group calls it) was a way to cover her hair, which I thought would be easier to model since hair has more collision problems and are finer strands. It was also inspired by medieval wraps that were used for fashion. It seemed that crowns would be placed on top of these wraps for royalty, which I thought was an interesting concept. The ribbon belt was inspired by the belts that a lot of Celtic dress designs had except I made it fall underneath the chest rather than at the hips. I found that balancing the belt with the billowy sleeves made the silhouettes more interesting and put together as well.

The third design focused on having a lot of cloth coverage except it would highlight the neck. The top bun style is more modern but because it is somewhat braided, I think it still works. While we are not going for historically accurate representation, I believe that little details like this would be fun to incorporate.  The dress was for me to try out less constraining clothing where it was looser fitting. I think this would be the hardest design to model because of the loose fabric because the structure would be harder to create and have more collision problems.

The fourth design has Lady Macbeth’s hair down but pulled back. While drawing, I found that her having loose hair would make her look younger and less menacing therefore each design has her hair somewhat tied up/braided. This off the shoulder design worked really well with the bell sleeves and ribbon belt around her waist. This design just incorporated everything else I haven’t tried for the other designs which I ended up quite liking.

For now I think I will just continue editing the drawings and play around with colours. I haven’t gotten any feed back from the group yet but they do know that I’m working on her design.


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